7 essential educational areas that need investment in 2017

Having worked with many schools, academies and other educational institutes, we know that periodic funding can make improvements difficult to invest in. But with competition between educational establishments fiercer than ever, the one way to differentiate yours is to adopt the latest equipment and modern-day learning technology.

The 7 essential educational areas

With extensive experience in the education sector, we’ve discovered the seven essential areas to improve are the following.

  1. ICT equipment

As our digital learning increases, schools are expected to invest more heavily in computers, laptops and online learning portals. This is one of the highest demands in 2017, making it a funding priority.   

  1. Audio visual equipment

Combined with interactive whiteboards, televisions, lighting and audio for drama halls AV costs can be great.   Add in telephone networks and communications and many schools are having to choose between one or another of these items.

  1. Energy-efficiency technologies

Energy bills are a major cost and can be the second largest cost after staff, from running air conditioners and heating to lighting classrooms. There is increasing pressure for schools and universities to lower their carbon footprint, but this is pricey technology to invest in without any clear benefit to the students. Still, it’s an essential must-have if you want to save thousands in the long run.

  1. Minibuses

Public transport for students has always been a priority, but transport starts devaluing the moment it is purchased. Therefore, financing for the likes of minibuses should be considered as a more cost-effective option.

  1. Sports equipment

Like ICT technology, sports equipment is developing at a rapid speed. For those educational institutes that are investing in their sporting teams or even a gym equipment for revenue generation, this technology is essential to improving their teams and individual sportsmen/women performance.

  1. Catering equipment

Students and teachers need to be fed, and catering equipment is a necessary bi-product of that! But how much do you invest? Higher quality catering equipment means higher quality food. Skimping on this is never good for an establishment’s reputation.

  1. Science & Technology

Like ICT and sporting equipment, those educational institutes that are striving to be the best need to invest in the best technology, particularly when it comes to their science departments. But with so many other subjects and essentials requiring funding, this can often take a backseat.

So, how do educational institutes improve their modern-day learning with a limited budget? How can you invest in all these areas if you can only expect incremental, periodic budgets? We have the answer. Take a look at how asset finance and leasing can work in the educational sector to improve your financial situation.