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Catalysing low carbon projects

If you’re a manufacturer or supplier of low carbon technology, you’ll know that a lack of finance is often the greatest barrier to making projects happen. That’s where we can help. We provide a suite of finance solutions that catalyse the uptake of clean and green tech solutions. This will help you to widen your offer; secure more contracts; and improve customer retention. Ultimately, it’s all about generating more profitable, long-term relationships. 

Shorten sales cycle

With our help, you can reduce delays in sourcing new finance or budget approvals on customers’ projects.

Improve customer retention

It’s easier to enhance the management of your customer life-cycle by leveraging their available credit lines. 

Improve deal qualification

Finance helps you take control of the sale – it’s a key factor in the appraisal and investment decision.

Improving on margin

Higher margins on customer projects can be achieved because there are no credit risks or carrying costs.

Potential for opportunity

When you offer finance, there is the potential to up-sell and cross-sell – for a richer energy solution.

Preserve price points

Affordable periodic payments (monthly, quarterly or annual) eliminate the need to offer discounts.

Making it happen

Strategic routes to growing your business

Access to a range of finance solutions widens your portfolio of services and propels the deployment of your technology and services. What’s more, it’s often the catalyst for an ongoing relationship with your customer base. Once you turn equipment sales into solution sales, then solution sales become multiple sales that ensure ongoing customer contact. It’s all about the long-term.



Lack of finance is often the greatest barrier to making energy projects happen. When Powerstar wanted to help its customers invest in its innovative power resilience solutions…

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