Moving towards energy resilience

The way that businesses use, monitor and pay for their energy is going through a series of rapid changes. For those in the energy finance space, it is a serious challenge to keep track of them, let alone seize all the possible opportunities.

Cutting greenhouse emissions & energy use through smarter consumption

Alfa White Paper by Capitas

Now is the time to take action on energy security

Taking steps to reduce energy usage through smarter consumption is essential to business continuation and cost controls. The less action businesses take, the more vulnerable they are to energy price and supply volatility.

It is no secret that energy efficiency measures represent multiple wins: as well as improving energy security, they pay for themselves in reduced running costs and reduce the organisation’s climate impact, accelerating their journey to decarbonisation, and improves ESG-related ambitions, actions and outcomes.

The biggest barrier to investing in serious energy efficiency measures appears to be the high upfront cost. Finance companies currently have a huge opportunity to add value by addressing this barrier.

At Capitas Finance, we’re a specialist clean tech and energy solutions finance company. Unlike some of the banks and leasing companies, 100% of our business is focused on enabling the rapid deployment of energy efficient, low carbon technologies. Our range of bespoke funding options help businesses overcome the barriers to energy security, decarbonisation and enhancing ESG performance.

  • Total solution funding for all aspects of an energy project including assets, professional services and construction works
  • Stakeholder liaison to help all parties develop a plan that can deliver on business objectives​
  • Bank syndication to diversify funding sources and maximise credit approvals​

Rygor Mercedes-Benz

As well as delivering a huge improvement to lighting quality, the project is set to reduce energy expenditure by more than £95,000 in a period of only 12 months…

Alfa White Paper by Capitas

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