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We’re on a mission to make energy projects happen. Whether you’re retrofitting your lighting to LED or you’re considering a complex large scale renewables or distributed energy scheme, we can help. We bring together specialist expertise coupled with an impressive track record in delivering uncomplicated solutions to energy project finance. 


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Are you about to spend capital on a carbon reduction project?

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No matter what stage you’re at in your project cycle, we’re able to support you. Our financial products and services are designed to help organisations like yours implement sustainable-business strategies that deliver a competitive advantage and provide an impressive level of economic return.





Enabling the best solution by spreading the cost

1. Design

Are you at the project design stage, and wondering how to make the numbers work? We’ll structure  a finance package that enables the implementation of the best solution; removes the need for upfront capital; and spreads the cost.

2. Build

We can fund the construction phase of your energy project meeting the costs of supplier stage payments which are often a real challenge on projects with long build times.

Providing the best finance solution to meet key drivers

3. Finance

Unlike many lenders, we’ll fund up to 100% of the total cost of your energy project. We make things easy for you by bringing repayments into line with projected energy savings, future budgets, government supported incentives and cash flow. Typically, expenditure is fixed over the life of the agreement with terms of up to 10 years.

4. Operate

We’re able to structure a finance solution that covers the cost of your project’s ongoing service and maintenance requirements once it reaches the operational phase. This means you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that every aspect of your project is covered throughout the duration of the agreement. 

Providing a solution which can include services

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