6 benefits to asset finance for schools

Are you tired of constantly re-evaluating and upgrading your resources? Are you concerned about the time you have to spend finding funds to progress projects? Do you find yourself worrying about bulges in cash flow that these investments represent? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to discover how asset finance could help.

Below we have the 6 benefits educational institutes have found from using asset finance to help make their budget stretch further. 

Spread the costs of your investments over 1 to 5 years

With asset finance, planning decisions don’t have to be based on budget restrictions. You can look to the future, and to the technology and equipment that is going to give you the best value for the next five years.

Fund pretty much any type of project

Whether it’s funding for ICT, you’re looking to do a premise fit-out, invest in energy-efficient technology or improve current equipment and technology, asset finance can be used for any number of projects.

Improve your budget management

With advanced knowledge of predictable costs to accelerating projects and the return on investment benefits you can expect, you can have a better management of your budget. Gone are the worrying bulges in cash flow that your investments used to represent.

Facilitate project approval, preserve budget and help match cost outlay

Finding the funds no longer has to be an issue, and you can start paying for the equipment and technology once it’s been installed and your students are already seeing the benefit. With projected benefits also taken into account, asset finance can also help you match cost outlays.

Have a flexible payment structure

With simple contracts and rapid approvals, implementing a flexible payment structure that suits your budget, be it a monthly, termly or annual payment, is easy to put in place. Now you have a better idea of where your budget is going, the ROI you can expect and you can start to plan new projects in advance.

There’s competitive pricing

Asset finance no longer comes at a massive cost to your budget. With plenty of options out there, you can find a payment plan that works for your budget restrictions and needs. It’s all about finding the right financial partner for you.

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