How to get the technology you need on a restricted budget

We all know that budget restrictions affect the planning decisions a school, university or college makes. We also know you have to constantly look at areas that need investment to improve your facilities and give stakeholders and students alike the equipment and technology their work demands.

But how can you achieve this on a restricted budget?

There are many areas that need your attention including premise upgrades, ICT or sporting equipment, transport for the school, catering equipment and more. Rather than fighting fires and investing your budget into areas that critically need it, wouldn’t it be nice to divide your budget more evenly?

This can be achieved with asset finance and leasing.

Asset finance and lease payments are designed to fit around cash flow and other financial requirements. This makes them ideal for budgets that have restrictions and only increase periodically, given that funds could be needed at a moment’s notice.  

Do a lot of educational institutes use this type of financing?

Investing in modern technology and upgrades is no exception, even to educational establishments. With competition the fiercest it has ever been, there has never been a more important time to make sure you are investing in the right areas. It’s why we’ve worked with schools, academies, colleges and universities across the UK.

We deal with multiple stakeholders including Governors, Funding Bodies, Teaching Staff and Administration Staff, helping them all to acquire, use and benefit from critical assets. We know it’s about getting the best value from your budget, and we’ve seen how leasing and asset finance can achieve this. 

How does this funding process work?

It depends on the financial provider you choose to sign with, but from our point of view, we provide a payment plan that aligns with your budget. We can structure a payment profile or payment deferral to allow you to acquire the equipment you need now, but delay paying for it until budgets allow.

Asset finance and leasing can allow you to get the technology you need and have it installed before starting to pay towards the equipment. Make your restricted budget easier to manage while also benefiting your students. Take a look at how asset finance and leasing could work for you today.