Capitas responds to the Government’s Energy Price Guarantee

Today’s announcement from the Government on its Energy Price Guarantee acts as a welcome buffer for businesses but doesn’t go far enough.

Our CEO Darren Riva comments: “Whilst we welcome today’s announcement and see it as a step in the right direction, a six-month sticking plaster is not a long-term solution to the wounds inflicted over the last 12 months.

“It is vital for the Government to introduce further incentives that will drive the right business behaviours and help organisations reduce their consumption through investment in energy efficient technologies. This could be replacing outdated lighting, fitting solar panels, or even installing EV charging points. Such investments are essential for long-term business stability. This improves energy resilience, reduces operational costs, and moves us closer to Net Zero.  

“As industry experts, we’re here to help businesses become more resilient. Our range of bespoke finance packages make it possible for them to implement low carbon technologies and energy efficient solutions that help them maintain their operations, reduce their commercial risks, and remain competitive. In these increasingly uncertain times, such investments make a world of difference.”

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