Sean Williams

Non-Executive Director

Sean was founder and CEO of Syscap Plc. Formed in 1990 Syscap grew into the largest independent IT finance company in the UK. Sean led the company until its’ successful sale in 2006 to AnaCap Financial Partners, a specialist private equity firm focused on investing in the European financial services sector.

Sean subsequently joined Brook Henderson Group (BHG), assisting in the strategic growth of a portfolio of companies including Cynergin, a leading energy services company and Energy Performance Contract (EPC) specialist. The group enjoyed notable success in several high-profile Hospital Trust and public building energy projects. Cynergin was acquired by Veolia UK. In 2016 Sean left BHG to focus on developing a personal investment portfolio across the finance, energy, IT and marketing sectors.

In 2016, Sean decided to invest in Capitas Finance. Sean had been a friend, former-colleague and mentor to the founder, Jeremy Hartill, and aligned closely with the company’s green agenda and core values of hard work, honesty and enthusiasm. Sean was passionate about driving the transition to clean energy and making an investment in our future. He helped Capitas introduce new products and operating companies to support the adoption of energy-efficiency and renewable technologies.

To our tremendous sadness, Sean was diagnosed with cancer in 2017 and over the next four years wouldn’t waste a moment. He waged a long and courageous struggle with the disease remaining active with Capitas, even as he underwent multiple surgeries and treatments, never losing his trademark smile and charisma even when gaunt from the ravages of cancer. Sean passed away in 2020. He was 55.

We miss Sean immensely. The industry lost a powerful personality, visionary and motivating force without parallel. Above all Sean was an amazing human being and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Capitas.

Contact info

Phone: +44 (0) 845 458 7555