At Capitas, our work is entirely focussed on anticipating and understanding the funding requirements of individual customers and partner suppliers. We bring together our team’s diverse knowledge and experience to best serve your particular needs.

Our business is also very much about building relationships. If we're privileged enough to work with your organisation, you'll find that our lifetime-values approach to business is reflected in all of our processes and dealings with you.

We would be happy to discuss any aspect of our business with you in greater detail. Please feel free to get in touch with us by phone or email and we look forward to discussing the many advantages of asset finance and how Capitas can help your organisation prosper and grow.

Latest Finance News

10 May 2018

Oceans Apart

Since 2008 the major central banks have been, by and large, pushing in the same direction. No longer. There’s widening clear blue water separating…

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30 April 2018


A sharp slowdown in economic activity adds to calls for the bank of England to pause before raising interest rates. Wipeout. The UK eked out growth of…

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23 April 2018

Flip Flop

An exceptionally hot spell of spring weather has brought out the beachwear and disagreements on the MPC. Phew! January 2017 marked the end of the two-year…

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16 April 2018

Beware ‘The Beast’

Not only has the poor weather prolonged winter and darkened our moods, it also looks to have taken a fair slice off economic growth in the first quarter.…

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