Project Finance

On-demand financing that matches the scope and duration of your project

At the outset of the project, you and your suppliers(s), agree with Capitas the likely duration of the project and the approximate total-contract value. This information is then used as a basis to arrange firstly, an ‘Interim Finance Facility’ (IFF) for the project period, and secondly, the finance agreement that will accommodate the completed equipment installation.

The IFF allows you to start the project, secure in the knowledge that the supplier(s) will be paid throughout the delivery, installation and commissioning phases. IFF interest can be paid on project completion by way of a one-off payment, or alternatively, conveniently rolled into the finance agreement as periodic payments.


  • Particularly useful for large single or multi-site installations with equipment & services purchases made over a protracted period
  • You can concentrate on managing the project, as opposed to managing numerous finance agreements with varying payments and end dates
  • You get the equipment on a ‘have now, pay later’ basis and need not utilise valuable capital to make deposit or interim supplier payments
  • Single finance agreement commences at the end of the project once the equipment has been successfully commissioned and is in working order
  • IFF period between 3 months to 1 year followed by a finance agreement term typically over 3 to 7 years depending on asset type


Project Finance

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