Sale & Leaseback

Enjoy the benefit of a significant cash-flow boost

Your business assets may currently meet your needs, but the question is whether or not these business assets will be able to adapt to meet future needs? If disposal of the assets is not an option, you could consider a sale & leaseback agreement.

Capitas can purchase your existing assets, dependent on the book value and specific requirements, and lease them back to you for the remainder of an agreed term. This popular choice releases cash tied up in your fixed-assets register straight into company reserves.


  • Enjoy an immediate injection of cash from the sale of the assets
  • Once underwritten, this is a simple paper transaction which is easy to administer
  • Can include certain capital and tax advantages and improve key financial ratios
  • Removal of *assets from the balance sheet
  • Structure your lease to include equipment refresh/upgrade options
  • Return your equipment at the end of the lease term and eliminate all costs and headaches associated with asset disposal


*Typically for vehicles

Sale & Leaseback

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