Sale & Hire Purchaseback

Release funds from high-value cars

Sale & Hire Purchaseback allows owners of modern, classic or vintage cars valued at more than £100,000 to release funds from these high-value cars.


The aim is to release the cash that is tied-up in your existing vehicle and therefore currently inaccessible.

Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective way of raising capital to pay for a new investment vehicle, or just simply looking to release cash for personal reasons, you can leverage the value of your  vehicular assets – which have in almost all cases seen phenomenal growth in value since the financial crisis of 2008.

This equity-release process means that we purchase your car and then sell it back to you on a Hire Purchase agreement. No car dealer is involved, and funds are released directly to you. The application process is quick and easy.


  • You have total control over the asset and own the vehicle at the end of the agreement
  • Fixed rate with fixed repayments
  • Simple documentation
  • No additional security required
  • No legal fees

Sale & Hire Purchaseback

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