Finance Lease

All the practical benefits of ownership without the potential burdens

Finance Lease is a popular and extremely flexible method of financing that covers a broad and diverse spectrum of business assets.

Finance Lease gives you the full use of an asset over an agreed term for an agreed periodic rental. The present value of the payment stream equals the acquisition cost of the asset.

Options at the end of the lease include return or renewal.

Writing-down allowances are not available. Instead, lease payments (made up of capital and interest) are treated as a revenue deduction.

*You pay VAT on the rental payments, not the purchase price.


  • Immediate and full use of the asset for a minimal capital outlay
  • Rentals can be structured to reflect cash-flow requirements
  • Fixed rate financing provides certainty of repayments and assists budgeting
  • Additional source of credit for current and future needs
  • No additional security required
  • Facilities are fully committed and not repayable upon demand
  • Eliminates risks and costs associated with disposing of assets at the end of their useful working life

Finance Lease

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