Commercial Loan

Put your plans into practice

It’s a fact that the number of asset-finance providers in the unsecured business-loans arena is limited - and so too are their capabilities and offerings. Capitas is different and has a broad portfolio of funding options at competitive rates.

Capitas stands apart through offering credit-qualified clients a long-term financing strategy with flexible funding options and competitive rates that can help manage risk, improve cash flow and reduce costs.  With a commercial loan, you can hold onto your cash longer and use it for other investments - or simply use the loan facility to provide a financial cushion.

Payment can be made either directly to you in full, or alternatively, to your supplier(s).  Whatever you purchase, belongs to you. The advance is typically unsecured and not tied to your debtor book or fixed assets.


  • Protect your cash flow from the impact of large purchases with fixed monthly repayments
  • Third party funding that suits your needs and is complementary to existing credit lines
  • Know where you stand as your interest rate and repayments are fixed for the life of the loan
  • Fully committed facility not repayable upon demand
  • Offset the interest against your tax liabilities, as with all business finance

Commercial Loan

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