Offer your own finance-support programmes

Strategic suppliers believe that they can generate better returns from their programmes if they offer finance in a way that is carefully controlled by them.

Capitas or Own-label
What's the best way to promote your customer finance programme? Whether you use Capitas, or alternatively, choose to position yourselves as finance provider, our programme options will ensure you get the right sales-aid financing solution for your business.

Integrated marketing
From customised paperwork to tactical promotions and sales finance training, we can provide a wide range of services promoting the programme to your sales people and customers.

Management information
Data provision helps you track the progress of sales finance opportunities, credit decisions, sales finance conversion, live agreements, equipment re-fresh opportunities and more.

Service level agreement
A collaboration agreement outlines agreed service performance and is supported by periodic executive one to ones and sales management meetings.  


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  • Finance is available to commercial and public sector customers
  • Transaction sizes from £25k up to £25m for large-scale transformational projects
  • You can finance the entire cost of your customer contract
  • Facilitates customer project approval, preserving cash flow and credit lines and helping match cost outlays with projected benefits
  • Project finance integrates costs and payments into one place matching your payment terms
  • Simple contracts, rapid approvals and flexible payment structures
  • High level of commitment to supplier partners from senior ‘hands-on’ finance professionals with proven track records and established market reputations


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