Finance Programmes for Suppliers

Capitas provides customised finance programmes that are expertly tailored to meet the needs of our supplier partners. We offer a number of options depending on how little or how much you decide to commit in time and resources. 

Referral Programme

Working together on a deal-by-deal basis you simply refer deals to us and we manage each request individually, using Capitas or tier one Bank documentation.  This system is easy to manage and usually you take no further responsibility.

Wholesale Programme
Negotiate a payment structure direct with your customers and assign your contract receivables to us, to recognise day one revenue.

Co-branded Programme
Under this arrangement, all financing documentation shows your branding alongside Capitas branding.  This underlines the stability and integrity of our relationship - and boosts credibility and customer trust in the financing arrangement.

Own-label Programme
Here all customer communications and finance documentation are branded to position you as the provider of a solution and to reinforce your own brand value.  Whether you disclose your relationship with us to customers is entirely up to you.  The benefits to you are that your sales people are armed with financing tools which look an integral part of your business sale proposition, and which has minimal costs to set up.

Joint Venture Programme
Whether it's a virtual or legal joint venture, you can share in the risks and rewards of your exclusive supplier finance programme, which will look and feel to your customers like your own in-house finance facility.  The benefits of this arrangement are that you create the effect of a dedicated finance company without having to commit to the time and expense of company formation.  Revenue recognition of sales is not a problem and there is no balance sheet impact for you.


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  • Finance is available to commercial and public sector customers
  • Transaction sizes from £25k up to £25m for large-scale transformational projects
  • You can finance the entire cost of your customer contract
  • Facilitates customer project approval, preserving cash flow and credit lines and helping match cost outlays with projected benefits
  • Project finance integrates costs and payments into one place matching your payment terms
  • Simple contracts, rapid approvals and flexible payment structures
  • High level of commitment to supplier partners from senior ‘hands-on’ finance professionals with proven track records and established market reputations


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