Make the most of every sales opportunity

Funding can help you secure more contracts and improve customer retention and generate more profitable, long-term relationships. Suppliers that think strategically see finance as a very useful tool in this situation, as it can act as the “catalyst” for a number of bundled services that create the ongoing relationship. Finance is the conduit for turning equipment sales into solution sales, and solution sales are multiple sales that ensure ongoing customer contact.

1. Marketing enhancement

  • Remove the focus from price during negotiations; watch top-line revenues and bottom-line profits increase, because you can minimise discounting
  • Accelerate and shorten the sales cycle by introducing Capitas early
  • Sell on a ‘pay-as-you-use’ basis
  • Your competitors may already offer leasing or innovative pricing schemes so you need to respond and offer this value added service
  • Tailored financing campaigns can be useful when launching new products or prolonging the demand for mature products

2. Marketing control

  • Be the “Trusted Advisor” by offering your customers more options and extend relationships beyond the CIO, COO etc.
  • Leasing enables customers to upgrade and replace equipment easily with just a simple adjustment in rentals
  • If it’s so easy for your customer to keep trading in and trading up with you, your competitors do not get a look-in
  • Enables control of the second-hand market for your equipment

3. Additional income

  • The technique of “up-sell” works well with finance as customers can generally afford more than they thought
  • Maintenance can be made part of the financing arrangement, increasing revenues from support activities
  • Additional revenue can be made from redeployment, export or break-up of returned off-lease equipment


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  • Finance is available to commercial and public sector customers
  • Transaction sizes from £25k up to £25m for large-scale transformational projects
  • You can finance the entire cost of your customer contract
  • Facilitates customer project approval, preserving cash flow and credit lines and helping match cost outlays with projected benefits
  • Project finance integrates costs and payments into one place matching your payment terms
  • Simple contracts, rapid approvals and flexible payment structures
  • High level of commitment to supplier partners from senior ‘hands-on’ finance professionals with proven track records and established market reputations


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