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Our news and industry updates page is regularly refreshed and delivers interesting and sector-relevant articles across a variety of industries. Mike Bethwaite specialises in monitoring developments in the Energy, Automotive and Manufacturing sectors and his articles are written with a particular flair and include his own insightful points of view. Jason Hunter focuses on Energy-Efficiency and his news and industry posts include broad industry-media coverage and are certainly well worth a read. Both have their finger on the pulse and their articles are always relevant, interesting and thought-provoking.

Full Time

18th June 2018

Big, expensive, marred by controversy and inherently political. No, not the World Cup. QE. And the final whistle for this extraordinary period for monetary…

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Sweet sweet services

11th June 2018

A reversal of fortune in the service sector should hair a return to business as usual for the UK economy.   Pressure building. Confidence returned…

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Still purring

21st May 2018

Despite strong investment, record employment and (finally) real pay growth, weak spending slows the economy. Hiring on all cylinders. The UK’s well-oiled…

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Oceans Apart

10th May 2018

Since 2008 the major central banks have been, by and large, pushing in the same direction. No longer. There’s widening clear blue water separating…

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30th April 2018

A sharp slowdown in economic activity adds to calls for the bank of England to pause before raising interest rates. Wipeout. The UK eked out growth of…

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Flip Flop

23rd April 2018

An exceptionally hot spell of spring weather has brought out the beachwear and disagreements on the MPC. Phew! January 2017 marked the end of the two-year…

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Beware ‘The Beast’

16th April 2018

Not only has the poor weather prolonged winter and darkened our moods, it also looks to have taken a fair slice off economic growth in the first quarter.…

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Stuck in the snow lane

9th April 2018

You might love them or loathe them but the inescapable fact is that the UK’s recent snow days have had a big impact on business. The latest surveys…

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Over the threshold

3rd April 2018

Two years of falling real wages look likely to come to an end, just what an embattled high street is crying out for. Full speed ahead. To paraphrase, nothing…

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Steady hand on the tiller

19th March 2018

The Chancellor opted not to make any changes to tax or spending policy at last week’s Spring Statement, so instead the focus was firmly on the economic…

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Crossroads of global trade

12th March 2018

President Trump imposes tariffs to protect heavy industry whilst a new group of countries slashes barriers. Gloves off. President Trump threw down a gauntlet…

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The snowflake Economy

5th March 2018

Last week’s snow induced disruption will have heaped pressure on sectors like retail, leisure and construction. Firms will have to fight hard amid…

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