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Our news and industry updates page is regularly refreshed and delivers interesting and sector-relevant articles across a variety of industries. Mike Bethwaite specialises in monitoring developments in the Energy, Automotive and Manufacturing sectors and his articles are written with a particular flair and include his own insightful points of view. Jason Hunter focuses on Energy-Efficiency and his news and industry posts include broad industry-media coverage and are certainly well worth a read. Both have their finger on the pulse and their articles are always relevant, interesting and thought-provoking.


14th February 2019

Following a path laid by the US Federal Reserve, who recently adopted a more neutral position towards monetary policy, the Bank of England’s February…

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Pile ‘em high

4th February 2019

Another strong US employment report and improved manufacturing sentiment contrasts with continued lacklustre  Euro area growth and a downbeat Chinese…

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Christmas Bonus

17th December 2018

UK workers received a Christmas bonus with the highest wage growth for a decade reported last week. The labour market is yet again the star performer in…

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Brexit crunch-time: Part 1

10th December 2018

Last week the focus was on the Bank of England's no-deal Brexit scenarios. This week it will be Parliament in the lime-light.   Entrenched. The…

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Deep impact

4th December 2018

The UK Treasury painted a downbeat picture for the UK economy in the event of a no-Brexit deal but was surpassed by an even more pessimistic prognosis…

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Signed and sealed but not delivered

27th November 2018

The EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement was rubber stamped by the EU 27 leaders on Sunday after 20 months of negotiation. Yet the agreement might be entering the…

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The deal in draft

23rd November 2018

The publication of a draft EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement puts down on paper the debates of the last 18 months. Its progress is far from assured, but we were…

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Temporary Spurt

19th November 2018

UK GDP growth picked up in Q3 but this bounce is likely to be fleeting, judging from latest downbeat business surveys.   Rebound. UK GDP growth bounced…

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Hawkish BoE

10th November 2018

The Bank of England’s latest forecasts show inflation staying above the 2% target, despite rising UK rate expectations. Prices should get a further…

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Light at the end of the tunnel

30th October 2018

Aided by the biggest upgrade to the OBR’s fiscal forecast in five years, the Chancellor held out the promise of a brighter future in his third Budget. …

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Encouraging Signs

8th October 2018

Latest monthly UK PMI surveys were upbeat, hinting at firmer Q3 GDP. Increasing skill shortages suggest a pick-up in wage growth in coming months, supportive…

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