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Our news and industry updates page is regularly refreshed and delivers interesting and sector-relevant articles across a variety of industries. Mike Bethwaite specialises in monitoring developments in the Energy, Automotive and Manufacturing sectors and his articles are written with a particular flair and include his own insightful points of view. Jason Hunter focuses on Energy-Efficiency and his news and industry posts include broad industry-media coverage and are certainly well worth a read. Both have their finger on the pulse and their articles are always relevant, interesting and thought-provoking.

New Year catch-up

12th January 2018

A New Year, so an opportune time to do a bit of a stocktake. In this extended brief, we take a look back at 2017 and ahead to 2018. Growth and Labour Market…

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Let Down

11th December 2017

The big let down of the post-crisis recovery has been the failure of wage growth to ignite in the face of an ever-tigthening labour market. Will 2018 finally…

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Autumn Budget 2017 - Intervention

7th December 2017

After the sobering downgrade to our prospects for productivity growth comes the scramble for solutions. The new industrial strategy, if fulfilled, is a…

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28th November 2017

Last week the UK got a downgrade. Its growth prospects were slashed by the Office for Budget Responsibility in the all important area of productivity.…

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Over there

13th November 2017

"Global growth remains strong." That was key judgement number one underpinning the Bank of England's forecast in the most recent Inflation…

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More than just talk

9th November 2017

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has taken some flak for talking about interest rate rises in the past, but not delivering. That ended last week when…

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Over the line?

1st November 2017

It wasn't blockbuster but GDP growth was slightly better than expected last quarter, lending a little support to members of the Bank of England's…

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Calling into question

25th October 2017

It's a familiar narrative for the UK. Strong job growth but signs of a weakening consumer on the back of paltry income growth squeezed by higher inflation.…

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All work and no pay

18th September 2017

With unemployment at a 40-year low, wages should be rising at roughly twice their current pace. That they are not reflects rising supply, a shift to self-employment,…

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Shine on

11th September 2017

Often left in the shadow of a resurgent service sector, finally it’s the manufacturers’ time to step into the sunshine.     …

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Sweet spot

7th September 2017

How to stop worrying and learn to love the economy. Beneath the headlines, last week’s data depict a reasonably sunny economic landscape across the…

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