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Our news and industry updates page is regularly refreshed and delivers interesting and sector-relevant articles across a variety of industries. Mike Bethwaite specialises in monitoring developments in the Energy, Automotive and Manufacturing sectors and his articles are written with a particular flair and include his own insightful points of view. Jason Hunter focuses on Energy-Efficiency and his news and industry posts include broad industry-media coverage and are certainly well worth a read. Both have their finger on the pulse and their articles are always relevant, interesting and thought-provoking.

Over the threshold

3rd April 2018

Two years of falling real wages look likely to come to an end, just what an embattled high street is crying out for. Full speed ahead. To paraphrase, nothing…

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Steady hand on the tiller

19th March 2018

The Chancellor opted not to make any changes to tax or spending policy at last week’s Spring Statement, so instead the focus was firmly on the economic…

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Crossroads of global trade

12th March 2018

President Trump imposes tariffs to protect heavy industry whilst a new group of countries slashes barriers. Gloves off. President Trump threw down a gauntlet…

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The snowflake Economy

5th March 2018

Last week’s snow induced disruption will have heaped pressure on sectors like retail, leisure and construction. Firms will have to fight hard amid…

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Two swallows

26th February 2018

One swallow a summer does not make, but two swallows? Probably still not enough for a turning point, however much we’d like the UK to crack its productivity…

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Changing of the guard

20th February 2018

Inflation is pushing UK consumers to take it easy at the shops meaning they’re no longer leading the charge on growth.  Meanwhile new technology…

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Back Down to Earth

12th February 2018

While two of the SpaceX rocket boosters landed gently back on terra firma it was a much more turbulent period in the markets. US equities had their worst…

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On the up

7th February 2018

Economic news from the Eurozone and the US was generally very good last week.  As a result, Bond yields are pushing higher.  That’s good…

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Happy Days

29th January 2018

Good growth from around the world supports the celebratory tone being struck by leaders in Davos. Optimistic. The World Economic Forum meetings in Davos…

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Cold Turkey

22nd January 2018

The pre-Christmas shopping rush seems to have conincided with inflation’s peak. Consumers and retailers alike will be hoping for an easier ride this…

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New Year catch-up

12th January 2018

A New Year, so an opportune time to do a bit of a stocktake. In this extended brief, we take a look back at 2017 and ahead to 2018. Growth and Labour Market…

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Let Down

11th December 2017

The big let down of the post-crisis recovery has been the failure of wage growth to ignite in the face of an ever-tigthening labour market. Will 2018 finally…

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